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Several solar corporations are no longer interested in exploring energy development in this highly sensitive foraging habitat area for avian life, including raptors, owls and song birds. Conservationist such as yourself have effectively stopped this nonsense of flat land development pushing raptors to their death into the wind turbines. Yellowbilled Tours was in a leadership position and voiced its opinions.

The county supervisors felt compelled to accommodate the request. The conservation community feels it to has a voice in this process. There are a numbers of reasons to not remove this land from agricultural use . Yellowbilled Tours is concerned that solar development will drive the raptors up-slope into the newer larger wind turbines, as the raptors seek foraging areas. Development is a mistake.

The following documents provide background on this evolving land use issue.

Solar Coalition Policy Statement, November 2011 (pdf, 35kb)
Alameda Board of Supervisors Memorandum on Proposed Solar Policies, November 2011 (pdf, 80kb)
Solar Study Area Map (pdf, 1.3MB)