Birding Barrow Alaska – Adventures in the Tundra starting June 6th 2018 and trip II June 9

 Two field trips in 2018 – 6 seats are available on the June 6, 2018 and June 9, 2018 Barrow Field trip.

Steller’s Eider Bering Sea

Client Testimonials:

YBT – 2017 Barrow testimonial Rich,Thanks for leading such a great discovery of the birds of Barrow.  We left very few stones unturned. I know you gave it all you had, thanks again.  I hope your back survived the trip home. I got 18 life birds ! David -2017

YBT – 2016 Barrow testimonial Birding with YBT in Nome and Barrow is like taking a series of great day trips with a small group of friends.  Rich is a personable guide with a good working knowledge of the birding areas and the target species.  The small group all in one vehicle makes for a friendly trip, and sharing meals and minor excursions in the towns adds to the camaraderie.  Since these are birding trips, Rich’s guiding and organizing skills should not be discounted.  Accommodations, flights, meals, all seem to fall together with little effort on my part and that was very enjoyable.  The birding was unique in both places and I consider both trips to be great fun, successful birding and memorable experiences. J. York – 2016

Nome to Gambell and Barrow, 2015
We found the Nome and Barrow birding experiences in 2015 very satisfying! Successful birding trips to these areas certainly require a lot of attention to basic logistics as well as a very flexible mind set to capitalize on key changeable site intelligence, especially seasonal availability and the practicalities of access for good viewing. We found YBT a very reliable purveyor in these essential areas: species knowledge base, local “savvy” about variables of transportation, dining, site access, cultural sensitivity and a friendly spirit of good humor along with the shared joys of new discoveries. We highly recommend YBT for these qualities evident in their program.
Bunkie & Jeff Mangum

Field trip registration is open for Nome and Barrow 2018. 

YBT – Barrow Alaska 2018 trip registration 8.1.17 doc

YBT – Release of liability for field trip. 8.1.17

Barrow is the most northerly village in the U.S.A. well above the Arctic Circle.  You will be birding the high Arctic seeking species in breeding plumage such as the Common, Spectacle, Steller’s and King Eiders.  Also Barrow has breeding Red Phalaropes, Baird’s and Pectoral Sandpipers which occur on the northern edge of their range.  We can hope to observe in low numbers the White-rumped, Buff-breasted, and Stilt sandpipers. During the 2014 field trip, we had a displaying male Ruff with white-phase courtship plumage – and in 2016 we had a Curlew Sandpiper.  2017 we found a female Cape May Warbler plus two Red-neck Stints and again we had White-rump Sandpipers. These species occur widely scattered across the tundra and our observations will depend on persistence and luck.  We will do a daily sea watch scoping the open water for Eiders, Loons, Gulls and Murres. Snowy Owls are present but their numbers fluctuate from year to year.  In 2014, we had 7 + separate Snowy Owl locations.  2016 and 2017 we had one each year.

Rooms are limited in Barrow 2018 YBT rooms reserved. Up to 6 birders can be accommodated. Light breakfast is included.

You will arrive in Barrow on June 6th, 2018 on the morning flight from Anchorage.  I will be on this flight from Anchorage to Barrow with you. I’ll pre-register your room, and soon after we will begin birding.  Meals will be not be scheduled, but available when everyone is ready.  The first birding stop will be the fresh water lake area. 

The field trip begins with the noon flight arrival in Barrow Wednesday June 6th, 2018, and ends on Friday June 9th 2018 on the noon flight out of Barrow for the return flight to Anchorage. You must be in Anchorage on June 5th for an over night, hotel fee not covered.

Field Trip 2 Begins with airport pick-up Noon June 9th and ends on June 12th. on the noon out of Barrow for the return flight to Anchorage.

Cost per person is $2099.00, includes lodging, light breakfast, ground transportation, fuel and guide services. There is no single supplement fee. Airfare and meals are not covered.


Common Eider Alaska








Gray -tailed Tattler



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