YBT – Gambell registration 2017;

Gambell St. Lawrence Island Extension begins with the a noon flight from Nome to Gambell, Saint Lawrence Island. We have individual rooms at the Lodge in Gambell. The birding in Gambell is by foot. The area which is rich with Asian migrants is walking distance from the lodge.   We will frequent the Boneyard area which is a grave yard for harvested whales by the Yupik Villagers.  This area is one of the first location where birds find land after leaving the Asian mainland flying east over the Bering Sea. This area has produced many “great” Asian migrants over the years.  In 2016/017, we had Common Sandpiper,Wood Sandpipers, Green Sandpipers, Common Ring Plovers, four Eider species plus numerous Red-necked and Temminck’s stint, plus Eyebrow Thrush and Common Chiffchaff. We’ll view the huge breeding colonies of Alcids on the cliffs of the Chibukak Point. We can plan to spend as much time in these areas as you would like. Yellowbilled Tours includes in your fee ATV transportation provided for by an experienced driver. Contact Rich Cimino. Trip cost is $TBD.00, based on number of participants. Only four birders will be taken to Gambell.  Air flights and meals will not be included in the trip fee.

Contact Rich Cimino for budgetary cost, clothing requirements, menu and use of kitchen items.

Wood Sandpiper