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Birding the Sierra Nevada Mountain begins:

Day 1. | (example) Monday Morning with a 7AM hotel pick up near the Oakland, California airport. After a breakfast we head out to the | Mines Road in far eastern Alameda County Some birds are just easier to see on Mines Road than anywhere else in Alameda County, including Bald and Golden Eagles, Phainopeplas, Rufous-Crowned Sparrows, Wrentits, Yellow-Billed Magpies, Violet-Green Swallows, Chestnut-backed Chickadee and maybe even a rare Lewis’s Woodpecker or scarce Lawrence’s Goldfinches, Calliope Hummingbird, Rufus Hummingbird and California Thrasher. The winding road climbs into the mountains for some 30 miles. Where we’ll stop for our lunch break then into Del Puerto Canyon for Canyon Wren, Lazuli Bunting, Western and Cassin’s Kingbird, Road Runner and Bell’s Sparrow. We spend the night in Sonora, Cal.

Day 2 |Tuesday Morning we will bird a few local birding hot spots before entering Yosemite National Park to bird the valley before we leaving for the Yosemite High County. You will spend the day in the in the high Sierra Nevada Mountains. Birds we’ll seek will be The American Dipper, Black Swifts, Ash-throated, Flycatcher Pacific Slope,Hammond’s Flycatcher and Western Wood-Pewee,Raven, Orange-crowned Warbler (Pacific Slope subspecies) Black-throated Gray,Townsend, Hermit and Mac Gillivray’s Warblers, Purple and Cassin’s Finch.

Day 3 | Wednesday Morning we will find ourselves on the eastern ridge of the Sierra Nevada were will bird the Mono Lake Basin, which includes a rare sierra Yellow Pine forest we we will search for Pinyon Pine, Common Night Hawk, Lewis’s Woodpecker, Mountain Bluebird,Gray Flycatcher, Sooty Grouse, Mountain Chickadee, Yellow-headed Blackbird Bullocks Oriole and California Gull.

Day 4 | Thursday Morning remaining on the eastern side of the side of the Sierra Nevada we begin our day by visiting and birding Bodie Historical Town a California State park seeking Sage Grouse, American Kestrel, Prairie Falcon Green-tail Towhee and Brewer’s, Vesper, Savanna’s, Sage, Fox Sparrow (thick-billed subspecies) Red-cross Bill and Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch. In the afternoon we’ll make a hike into the Inyo National Forest in an attempt to observe Northern Goshawk.

Day 5 | Friday Morning Morning we begin our crossing over the Sierra Nevada with stops in several high mountain valley’s, wetland, marshes, along Highway 395 and the up and over Sonora Pass which includes high elevation Aspen Forest. We’ll be searching for William Sapsuckers, Townsend’s Solitary, Clark’s Nutcracker, Pine Grosbeaks and Golden Eagle. We end our Sierra Nevada field trip in Oakland in the evening. You can plan a late night flight out or stay the evening in Oakland. This hotel room is not included in the field trip.

Day 6 | Saturday /Sunday Option is Birding the San Francisco area hot spots and Half Moon Bay Pacific Ocean habitats. Once again you will need to schedule your flight out for late Saturday night or Sunday morning this hotel is not included in Sierra Nevada Field Trip package.

Included in Monday through Thursday is your lodging, transportation, fuel, park fees and guiding fees. Not included is your transportation to the Monday meeting location and lodging for Sunday and Friday nights. No meals are included. There will be a large cooler to store drinks and small lunch meals, breakfast and dinners will sit down meals.

Max 8 birders: 8 to 6 Birders cost is $725.00 each: 5 to 3 $925.00 each: and 2 to 1 birders contact me for this rate. Additional Optional days which start at 7AM and ends at 5PM is a flat $300.00 per day transportation,fuel,guiding. Not included lodging or meals.

Birding California – The Sierra Nevada Mountains- All year long every year – small groups, individual & couples

  Sonora Pass Hwy 120 high elevation birding. Mountain Blue Bird     Green-tail Towhee                                              Day 1. |  The morning starts with a 7:30 AM hotel pick up near a northern California airport-hotel or Home. If you live in northern California we can prearrange … Continue reading

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