Pacific slope flycatcher

Pacific slope flycatcher

 New Field Trip:  California Year Round – per your schedule!

Yellowbilled Tours offers the Sierra Foothills and Sierra Nevada Mountains divided into two areas, North central California to Reno area and South Central California Counties. Each region is a separate field trip but can be combined. Area 1: Includes northwestern counties of California can arrange for airport pick-up in Reno, Nv. This field trip is a three -day minimum. It includes northeast Nevada birding Pyramid Lake and Carson River Ranches, California Sierra and Plumas Counties, Sierra Valley, Cold Creek, Yuba Pass and Cemetery Hill. This field trip is great in summer for American Dipper, Flycatchers, Tanager and Mountain Finches. As well for wintering raptors. An additional side trip is to Northeastern California, birding Eagle Lake and the Modoc National Wildlife Refuge. This add-on requires a four day minimum.

Area 2: Birding the Eastern Central counties California Amador. Calaveras, Sonora Pass and Yosemite N.P. This field trip is great for high elevation species, Clark’s Nutcracker, Cassin’s Finch, Pine Grosbeak,  summer mountain song bird species. An additional side trip is to Southeastern California to Pinnacles  National Park & Monterey Bay area to find California Condors. This add-on requires a four day minimum.

Client Testimonial June 2019

As an active birder for many years in both the Midwest and the San Francisco Bay Area, my recent and first trip to the Sierra Valley and Yuba Pass with Rich Cimino of Yellowbilled Tours was a delight. To say that Rich knows the area is a true understatement as he has been birding this area yearly since the mid 1960. He took us to specific areas for targeted birds and if they were not there when we arrived, we did not have to wait long for them to appear. He knows many of the locals and spoke to several over their fences about birds on their property and the status of their ranches. Rich is such an affable guy that he struck up a conversation with a local rancher driving by our group birding on the roadside and the next thing I knew we were getting a tour of the ranchers historic barn from the 1860’s while of course searching in it for Owls and Swallows.

Rich’s birding skills are first rate and he usually had the bird identified in flight or by ear before most of the rest of us could even get on the bird.

As a leader Rich was able to keep our group of 11 working together to find and identify birds without distractions or interruptions from birders grandstanding or pushing their way ahead of others. His easygoing demeanor hides his direct leadership skills kept our group friendly and assistive to ensure everyone got the targeted birds.

His knowledge of local restaurants and their menus ensured that we had good meals together and time to discuss our daily findings and outlining plans for the next day.

I look forward to birding again with Rich in the future.

David Wiechers
Sausalito, CA

Birder Testimonial: July 5, 2018

I had a great birding trip with Yellowbilled Tours in early July.  I saw lots of birds and Rich did a great job of explaining the local history and ecology as well as presenting documentation of the birds seen during the tour. Ken Alt, Fairbanks Alaska:





Area 2: Southern Nevada with airport pick-up in Las Vegas.

Birder testimonial:  April 27, 2018

The Las Vegas field trip was wonderful! Justin was terrific, such a knowledgeable birder. We did desert hot spots to Mt Charles high elevation birding. His sharp eye help me pick up several life birds. Joy, Petaluma, Cal.

Our local guide, Justin Streit, will tailor your trip to fit your needs so you can see the most species possible or find that one life bird. The trip can be adapted for you, whether you have a day in Las Vegas or enough time for two days of birding unique habitats from the Mojave Desert to Mt. Charleston.

This southern Nevada field trip is a one-day (7-hour) minimum covering local hot spots, and is tailored for the Las Vegas visitor who wishes to bird around their other planned activities.

Justin is a member of the Nevada State Bird Records Committee and is a professional ornithologist and avian ecologist with private and government experience. He knows southern Nevada birds and their habitats. His Nevada state bird list is 345 species including 328 species in Clark County (Las Vegas area).

Additional side trip: A second and third day can be added to cover expanded desert (Death Valley NP) and high elevation (Mt. Charleston) ecosystems.

Fee matrix for both Area 1 and 2: A day field trip is seven (7) hours at $35.00 per hour using your vehicle and fuel, or $50.00 per hour using YBT vehicle, which includes airport or hotel pick-up and drop-off and guiding fee. Lodging and meals are not included. Fuel is covered by client at the end of each day. On overnight field trips, a lodging surcharge of $90.00 will apply. Gratuity is optional. One-week advance notice is required.

Thank you for considering Yellowbilled Tours,

Rich Cimino

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