Columbia | March 24, 2025

Columbia has the highest density of bird species for a single county and is a hotbed of endemic species. Want to see Antpittas? Columbia is the county to the bird, with a reported 1950 species plus.

You’ll embark on an adventure that takes you through various microhabitat regions, each offering a unique birding experience. We’ll be on the chase for those endemics you’ll want for your life list. We’ll be birding across the country, from the Andes Mountains to the western Providences.

You will fly into Cali, Columbia, arriving before noon. Your room at the Best Western Hotel has been reserved for you. There is a green belt parkway across from the hotel, which we will bird in the afternoon. Dinner and breakfast are in the hotel for convenience and to help prepare you for a 6 AM morning departure. You must have your gear with you as we do not return to this location.

On Day 2, we will drive to La Florida, Alejandria, and Dona. Our lodge is the Araucana hotel.

On Day 3, we will be birding San Cipriano. The lodging is in Buga

On Day 4 – we will be birding Sonso Lagoon and driving to our lodge, which will be in Montezuma for two nights.

On Day 5 & 6, we will spend two days birding the various habitats of the Montezuma Lodge.

On Day 7, we are up and out early, driving to Ro Blanco. In the afternoon, we will stay at Hacienda El Bosque Lodge.

On Day 8, we traveled to Termales for birding, and our lodge is called the Termales Lodge.

On day 9, after birding the Termales Lodge habitat, we depart to the airport to fly to Santa Marta.

Our lodging is at the Minca Hotel.

On Days 10 and 11, we are in the El Dorado region, moving from the hot spots known in the El Dorado Lodge.

On day 12, we returned to the Minca region and added the Tayrona area, staying in a Tayrona hotel.

On day 13, we begin the morning with the Camarones, birding along the way and at the lodge as we prepare to fly to Bogota for our departing flights.

Please contact us to request a registration form and pricing.

Trip Details

Start date:
April 1, 2025
End date:
April 9, 2025
Rufous Antpitta