Habitat conservation is a foundation of birding. Here in Marin County we encounter a cross-section of conservation issues found throughout the United States. Yellowbilled Tours is committed to sustainable ecotourism support for conservation and the local communities we visit. Our goal is to enhance your birding by providing knowledge of the local communities we bird in and the experience in the field that can enrich environmental awareness.

California Avian Data Center (pointblue.org) Breeding Bird Altas of Marin County April 2021

Marin completed is first ever Breeding Atlas in 1995. Birders of Marin County with support from Point Blue is supporting a second Breeding bird Atlas which was kicked off this April 2021. I have the Olompali State Park as my count area and will post 2022 data after July 19, 2021.

2022 Breeding Bird Atlas in Olompali State Park was completed with 44 breeding birds. A record from 1992 Breeding Bird survey.

Hi All, The past two years I’ve been part of the Point Blue Bird-A-Thon (BAT) in western Marin County.

This year I am starting a Bird-A-Thon-team to bird all of Marin County or your patch out side of Marin County.

I’d like to invite you to be on this new Bird-A-Thon team.

Team name is American Kestrels in honor of the Breeding Pair of Kestrels in Olompali State Park.

The Bird-A-Thon starts September 15th, ends on Oct 15th.

The Team Fundraising donation commitment is up to you, it can be .50 cents pre-species or one dollar (or more if you wish) per species.

Whatever the donation maybe, the team can see your species count and contribution on the team

For example, if we see / you 75 species, I will donate to Point Blue $75.00 (check or CC on-line).

We can schedule a “team birding” or you can bird and contribute individually if you prefer.

Either option is fine, this is about citizen science, habitat preservation, habitat rehabilitation and conservation of sensitive bird habitats.  There is the link to the registration page


 There is a Point Blue BAT KICK-OFF event on September 15th. for team members (who have registered on American Kestrel portal) go to this link for registration.


As a Rich Stallcup Bird-A-Thon supporter of $50 or more, you will receive Point Blue membership benefits including a subscription to our award-winning Quarterly magazine.

Plus invitations to science presentations, bird and nature walks led by our expert ecologists and educators, and other events.

With your gift of $500 or more, you will become a Friend of Point Blue and receive invitations to additional exclusive events. 

Questions? Feel free to contact me. 

Thank you considering joining the American Kestrel BAT team.

Rich Cimino, Larkspur, Ca.

2021Corte Madera Marsh Ecological Preserve a wetlands restoration staff by volunteers from Marin Audubon Society. https://marinaudubon.org/volunteer/#cmer

2011 to 2022 Vaux’s Swift Northern California Survey team.

IBP – Great Gray Owl nesting survey July 2016

YBT – 2016 Shorebird survey Cypress Canyon AudubonPFSS_ThankYou

West Nile Virus impacting Birds in Eastern Alameda County.docx

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