San Francisco Bay Area Field Trips

YBT has a long tradition of supporting citizen science and hands-on conservation initiatives, Marin Audubon volunteer functions, focused bird surveys, birding festivals tabling & leader of field trips, NGO fundraisers, Christmas Bird Counts and California State Park vetted bird walk docent. Please review the events and find a field trip you can join us on.

TBD /2020 Olompali State Park, Novato, Ca., Birding staging for (?) early fall Migrants. This state park is closed due to C-19 virus until further notice.

Olompali State Park Christmas Bird Count  is December 14th, 2019. The Olompali State Park is for five years now an Audubon Christmas Bird Count section of the Cheep Thrill count. We enlisted birders with all levels of skills. Currently three of the five birder...

Alameda Creek Watershed Council

The Alameda Creek Watershed Council (ACRCD) comprises a government agency as well as 501c civic green conservation groups. Their charge is to manage the third largest watershed in California. The Alameda Creek watershed covers 570 square miles. Its drainage flows into...

RSS GGRO daily hawkwatch update

  • Sunday, December 01, 2019
    "Dear Hawkwatchers, we accept the fact that we had to sacrifice a whole migration to be watched for whatever reason you deemed fit, but we think you're crazy for wanting us to fly close so you can tell us who we are. You see us as you want to see us, in the simplest terms, […]
  • Saturday, November 30, 2019
    As the Saturday II team was preparing to leave for Hawk Hill, we felt small droplets of rain on our faces. Moments later, the droplets became a drizzle, so we dashed back inside the office to seek shelter. With the rain showing no signs of letting up, we decided to have our end of the […]