Belize | March 8, 2025

Belize is a unique tropical birding trip destination. Here, you’ll find more than 580 species of birds in an area the size of Massachusetts. This makes Belize the perfect birding and bird photographing destination. With Yellowbilled Tours, we offer a small group venue with many varied habitats for birding. A week-long itinerary with us commonly produces a trip list of over 300 tropical bird species. English is the main language of Belize.

Agami Heron - Yellowbilled Tours

Belize is an English-speaking country, which makes travel much more manageable for North American travelers who are not bilingual. Yellowbilled Tours uses local Belize guides on portions of the field trip, supporting local eco-tourism. In addition, we also use locally-owned lodges and services operated by Belizeans or expats who are Belizean residents. Our many trips to Belize mean we know where to find the birds. In fact, Ebird shows Yellowbilled Tours’ owner, Rich Cimino, in the top 100 of Belize birding with 379 species observed. These trips bring together birding enthusiasts in a small group venue where many new friendships are formed.

Keel-billed Toucan
Lesson’s Motmot
Woodcreeper species
Russet-naped Wood-Rail
Yucatan Jay
Bat Falcon
Orange-breasted Falcon (Tikal)
Agami Heron

The 2025 field trips are limited to 6 participants on each trip. A minimum of 3 will be required to proceed with the trip. This field trip offers birders with limited Central American birding experience a great introduction to birding the tropics. Custom and Private field trips for couples can also be arranged.

Day-by-Day Itinerary

You’ll need to arrive at Belize City International Airport on Saturday, March 8th. I will meet you at 4 PM with our vehicle curbside at the Belize International Airport. On Saturday, March 8, we begin birding as we make our way to our lodge, the Birds Eye View Lodge, in the Crooked Tree Preserve. We will stay two nights at the Birds Eye View Lodge.

March 9: Sunday birding by boat on the Crooked Tree reservoir and the New River, plus birding critical areas in the afternoon. Our lodging is Birds Eye View Lodge.

On Monday, March 10, after breakfast, we depart for Hopson, Belize, which is on the Caribbean Sea coast. Our lodging is in Hopkin’s Guest House. We have lunch in Bopan, the Capital of Belize. There are birding opportunities along the route to Hopkins.

On Tuesday, March 11, we will bird Cockscomb National Park, part of the Jaguar Preserve. We remain in Hopkins, our lodging is Hopkin’s Guest House.

On Wednesday, March 12, we depart Hopkins after breakfast en route to the western border of Belize. There, we bird the Guanacaste National Park and lunch in Bopan, the capital of Belize. Our lodging is in San Ignacio.

On Thursday, March 13, we will bird the Mountain Pine Preserve before the afternoon heat. In the afternoon, we will bird at the Green Valley Butterfly Research Center. We will be staying in San Ignacio.

On Friday, March 14, we will visit and bird the Green Valley Butterfly Breeding and Research Preserve and Mountain Pine Preserve. This preserve has superb birding, typically offering flycatcher species and 20+ Hummingbird feeders. Seventeen species of Hummingbirds have been recorded there.

March 14: Saturday morning, before breakfast, we will visit the bottomlands of the Mopann River. After a light breakfast, we’ll begin the drive to Belize City. The trip ends at Belize City International Airport in time to make a Saturday afternoon return flight arrangement.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to request a registration form and pricing.

Trip Details

Start date:
March 8, 2025
End date:
March 18, 2025
Agami Heron - Yellowbilled Tours