2022 Nome Alaska Birders group II

Yellowbilled Tours is a small group birding service in its 23rd year of touring the Nome Alaskan Tundra to the Tropics of Central America – Belize, Guatemala and Panama. Custom Birding Tours in hot spots of the lower 48 states all year. For Europe we focus on The Provence, France and in Italy Ravenna on the Adriatic Sea and The Po River Valley. We offer true small group tours, never more than 8 birders per trip, to ensure a personalized experience.

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What I’m Reading

  • A World on the Wing, By Scott Weidensaul
  • What it’s Like to Be a Bird, By David A. Sibley
  • The Exploitation System of the Yellowbilled Magpie, By Nicolaas Verbeek
  • The Private Lives of Public Birds, By Jack Gedney
  • Common Lichens of Northern California, By Audubon field Guide to California
  • The Handbook of Bird Families, By Jonathan Elphick
  • How to Know the Birds, By Ted Floyd
  • The Body, By Bill Bryson

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