We do our best to design our field trips around your birding interests and personal comfort. Here are a few guidelines that will help us meet these objectives.   


Birding into the Sunset Northern Idaho
Birding into the Sunset Northern Idaho
  • Always have a rain garment, extra pair of dry socks, bug repellent, water, a high energy snack and pain/insect bite relief medication.
  • In Alaska, fragrances attract grizzle bears. For your safety and that of others, please avoid using any fragrances (perfume or cologne, scented deodorants, etc.).
  • When a field trip requires multiple cars, Yellowbilled Tours will try to supply walkies-talkies for each car.
  • Tell your driver if you need a restroom stop.
  • Carry extra ziploc bags as you may see a feather you would like to take home .
  • Carry a few snacks or chewing gum to share
  • Be prepared to share a great personal birding experience with the field trip members
  • Your scope is welcomed – my scope will be shared by others–this may cause a level of frustration for you, so if you wish, bring your own.
  • Let your field guide know if you have a hearing disability during the registration period.