2024- 2025 Nevada – Four Seasons -Spring – Summer Fall Migration Birding Northeastern California & Nevada, Small Group, Individuals, Couples.

                      Field Trip begins with pick-up in Reno Nevada. Once I know the birds you want to chase I can create a field trip to meet your needs. A good region to begin is the Sierra Valley in Sierra County California, see PDF species list. Photo is of a recent group which I…


2024 – 2025 Three Seasons of Birding: High Altitude Habitats: Spring, Summer, and Fall Birding: Sierra Nevada Mountains & Sierra Lakes, High Elevation Birding for Small Groups, Individuals, and Couples.

NMono Lake Sunrise Sonora Pass Hwy 120 high elevation birding.         Mountain Blue Bird                 American Dipper Green-tail Towhee                                              There are 673 bird species recorded in California. The reason for this diversity of species is the diversity of habitat. Counted among the habitat choices…

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