During the late winter early spring many migrating birds remain in the Bay Area joining our resident population. This introduction to bird watching is available seven days a week and includes bird identification, habitats they use and the use of binoculars, scopes and field guides.
Birding in any of the Bay Area parks, and marshes close to your home can be an exciting learning event. Instructor Rich Cimino will introduce you to the best local places to watch birds. No prior birding experience is required.

Classes can be scheduled for any day of the week – per your request.

The classes are held outdoors. I will have field guides for your review and will also discuss binoculars.

Limited to 1 to 4 participants. Three hour minimum.
Fee for a single birder is $60 per hour.  Fee for two birders is $40.00/hour for each participant, and $30/hour each for 3-4 participants.

Location: Your choice of location near your home or, for example, Olompali State Park in Novato, CA.

Note: I have experience throughout California for great birding locations. Once I know your location I can recommend an area close to your home.

Contact: Richard Cimino if you have questions on the class: Yellowbilledtours@gmail.com or 925-353-0266


Hermit Thrush
Hermit Thrush

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