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Lewis's Woodpecker         Red-napped Sapucker         Lewis's Woodpecker    Greater Roader Runner

Field Trip begins with pick-up in Reno Nevada. Once I know the birds you want to chase I can create a field trip to meet your needs. A good region to begin is the Sierra Valley in Sierra County California, see PDF species list. Photo is of a recent group which I took into Sierra Valley that saw 108 species in two days.

2019 Client testimonial: You did a very nice job of planning and leading our trip. Amazing how you got us all to all the important sites around The Valley on time and with a smile. Thanks so much. We look forward to future adventures together. Dede Sabbag

I have always wanted to go birding in Sierra Valley, Sierra County, CA. but because it’s almost all private land I couldn’t figure out how it was done, even though there’s an abundance of eBird hotspots in the Valley. Participating in an organized trip there with Rich Cimino was the perfect way to see all the birding highlights in the area, including a herd of pronghorn with fawns! Rich knows exactly where to go to see the widest possible range of bird species – from white-faced ibis, sandhill cranes, American bittern, yellow-headed blackbirds, Lewis’ woodpeckers, sage thrashers, Brewer’s and vesper sparrows, and so much more. A side trip to Yuba Pass yielded evening grosbeaks, Cassin’s finch, and several species of flycatchers and warblers. Some of the best birding I’ve ever enjoyed! Daphne August 2019

Dear Rich;
Thanks for the wonderful trip. Can you believe I got 13  life birds! I have to explore California more! The Sierra Valley is  truly a special place, and I feel so lucky to have got a taste with  someone who knows it so well. Jeanine, Marin County June 23, 2020

Hi Rich: Thank you for such a great weekend – I learned so much. This is only my second birding trip via car (the other two were to the Farallon’s and the Sacramento Delta), and although intense, it was great fun and I learned a lot.  Pat Young . 2018 Somona, Cal.

YBT – Sierra Valley Bird list 6.21-22. doc

YBT – Sierra Valley Plumas C. June 22. Doc

Why not bird Las Vegas? With the Holidays behind us and Christmas Bird Counts completed, it is time for a winter birding field trip.  Average temperatures are mild and YBT will provide a great way to kick-off your 2022 Birding Adventures.

Yellowbilled Tours is promoting Southern Nevada for winter birding with mild temperatures in southern Nevada, why not ?  Planning a post holiday getaway, consider these temperatures.

Area 2: Is Southern Nevada with airport pick-up in Las Vegas. YBT can tailor your field trip to see the most species whether you are seeking one life bird or in Las Vegas with only enough time for a day or two days of birding unique habitats from the Mojave Desert to Mt. Charleston. This southern Nevada field trip is a one-day (7 hour) minimum, covering local hot spots and is tailored for the Las Vegas visitor who wishes to bird around their other planned activities. Additional side trip:  A second and third day can be added to cover expanded desert such as Death Valley National Park and high elevation ecosystems.

This field trip is great for wintering species doing an east-west winter migration and a migration south from northern North America. Raptors and waterfowl, song birds, sapsuckers and  wintering woodland riparian species are well represented during the winter months.

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